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1. Before hiring a contractor or organizer - be sure you are comfortable with them and they understand YOUR needs & goals.

Did the organizer ask questions to be sure they understand what you want?


2. 10% deposit in California-

and a number of other states a Professional organizer or ANY contractor may ask for ONLY 10% of the total prior to the projects start. For example, if the project total is $1,000 you are not obligated to give the contractor more than a $100 deposit.


3. Female & Senior Safety - For your safety & peace of mind you can ask any contractor to meet you at a neutral location near your house. Meet at a coffee house or restaurant before you invite them to your home to get a feel for them before hand.


4. Avoid identy theft - Keep any papers with sensitive info out of the garage.


5. Storage unit rental - If you or someone you know plans to rent a storage unit, rent 2. The small unit is to keep the most important items and valuables in. The other unit will be of any size to use for all the rest of your items. That way if you have to let one go you will still have your valuable items.


6. Organizing "do it yourself" - Focus on one area at a time so you will see the results consciously AND sub-consciously. Your brain will want "more of this" and incentivize you to keep going.






Money/Time Savings




1. Designate one area such as a closet or cabinet for all December and yearly gifts.


2. Collect un-opened or opened gifts and other items worth gifting. Place them in your new designated gift area. Take a picture; separate into categories later.


3. Go to gift area to find a needed gift for any occasion.




1. Before decorating for any holiday, take a picture of where they were stored. After the holiday you can get the decorations back the way you had them.


2. Inventory what you have (pictures are good) to get an idea of what you need. When shopping use picture to jog your memory and keep wasted purchases to a minimum.


3. Decorating is a good time to purge broken, outdated, or unwanted decorations so all will fit back into the storage bins/area. This will work, especially if you bought a lot of new items.





1. Pantry – Purge it before November to know what you have and what you need. This will help you reduce over-purchases and wasted time.


2. Freezer – Purge it before November to get ready for purchases and leftover storage.


3. Cooking supplies - Purge when you start to use the pots, pans, baking supplies that haven’t been used. Take a moment to purge ones not needed, damaged, or just extras.





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