Organizing Items & Services

Items to get you or keep you organized!

Bike hooks – Coated hooks can be used for hanging bikes and other items with handles such as tents, luggage, interments cases and more from a garage wall or ceiling.

Rewards – These are some rewards to give yourself when you have completed an organizing project. You can even have a number of small rewards and a big one at the end, whatever works! Also you can reward yourself with some services instead of stuff.

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Services you may need after the organizing is done.

Selling - After organizing and purge session you may have end up with some items you don’t want but can earn you some money! Outside of having a yard sale here are other ways to sell your items.<< New text box >>

Donation After organizing you will probably have items that you no longer want. This is the group I enjoy donating to… DVC the Disabled Veterans Charities who are a “non profit who raise money for worthy charitable programs that benefit disabled veterans and their dependants”

Recycling – When purging you may come across items you can recycle for cash, beyond soda cans and water bottles. Some ideas are metals, paper, cardboard and electronics (e waste)

Hauling – Sometimes you end up with items that are to big for the trash and are not donate or recyclable. That’s where these companies come in. (800 junk, pennysaver, recycler)

House cleaning service – One reward some folks give themselves for organizing their home is hiring a maintenance team in various amounts. These could be weekly, bi weekly, once a month, or even quarterly. All in all they save time.

Painter – After organizing some folks feel the desire for a whole new look. Painting a room is a great way to revitalize a room!

Carpet cleaner – Unlike above, when an area in a room is exposed that was hidden with boxes or clutter the carpet often will look different there. Usually it is cleaner than the more used areas and requires some sort of cleaning.

Electrician – In some cases after organizing electrical hazards are exposed and need attention. Other times there is a desire for new lighting or power usage for a recently organized room.

Window treatments – Here again is another way to change the look of a newly organized room. Sometimes due to items leaning on curtains or blinds they get damaged and need replacement.

Window cleaning – some folks like to have bright clean windows to compliment there room changes.

Handy person – Beyond the other services to consider, there may come need of someone to change a doorknob, fix a hinge, hang a new door, or replace a cracked window. That is where the handyperson comes in with tools and experience to do a lot of non specialty tasks.

Exterminator – Not needed by all, but sometimes in cretin places you may find unwanted critters, bugs or animals who need to be taken care of by a trained professional.

Services for the less mobile: such as seniors, disabled or accident sufferers.

Accountant – There are accountants who do house calls for persons who are housebound. For those who now are short or long term disabled and have an accountant, contact your accountant and ask to have a house call.

Chef / cook – There are a number of services that offer food preparation at different levels. You can someone come and fully prepare a meal or prepare a number of redy to cook meals you store in your freezer.

Doctors – Some general practice doctors are bringing back the house call. As more folks get older and live in their house this service should continue to grow.

Concierge – This is a person who offers to do a number of tasks that either save people time or for people who can’t do. Some include shopping, deliveries and other tasks.

Grocery delivery – this service offered by some entities is for people who can’t get out easily and for busy people who want to save time.

Home health care – This service can offer many needs folks who are home bound need. Some include laundry, bathing, dishes, cleaning, linen changing and more.

Life alert - This service goes beyond someone falling, they help people who may be crime victims, or other emergency situations.